Double Length Chill and Smoke Basket
  • All stainless steel construction with electropolished finish
  • Ends of rods are deburred to eliminate snagging
  • Double Length eliminates tearing of casing when handling long products
  • Easily nested to conserve space when not in use
  • Shallow Baskets can be stacked up to 10 baskets high; deep baskets can be stacked up to 7 baskets high.
Item No. Description Overall
Length Height Access Opening
Between Basket
2652 Stainless Double Shallow 29-1/2″ 61-1/2″ 7-1/2″ 5-5/16″ 29.5 lbs
2653 Stainless Double Deep 29-1/2″ 61-1/2″ 9-1/2″ 7-7/16″ 31.0 lbs