Stainless Steel Hog Gambrel - Item 4711 Stainless Steel Hog Gambrels - Item 4713
  • Stainless steel hog gambrels made of solid 18-8 Type 304 stainless steel.
  • Electropolished to a bright, smooth finish.
  • Can be supplied with or without trolley rollers attached.
  • Style A has welded center reinforcement.
  • Style B for use with hog gambrel hook.
  • Stainless steel flat bar style with loop made of solid stainless steel bar.
  • Hog gambrels can be made to meet your specifications.
Stainless Steel Hog Gambrels
Stainless Steel Hog Gambrels
Item No. Description Weight/100
4710 Style A Stainless
2.39 lbs.
4711 Style A Stainless
3.41 lbs.
4712 Stainless 5/8×23 3.05 lbs.
4713 Stainless Flat Bar
3 lbs.
4714 Stainless Flat Bar
3.40 lbs.
4715 Stainless Flat Bar
3/8″x1-1/2″x21-1/2″ (made to order)
3.5 lbs.
4720 Style B Stainless
5/8″x21-1/2″ (made to order)
1.96 lbs.
4721 Style B Stainless
3/4″x21-1/2″ (made to order)
2.90 lbs.