Stainless Steel Ham Press Sets


Stainless Steel Ham Press Sets
  • All stainless steel wire screens and springs.
  • Screens maintain pressure on product throughout cooking or smoking process.
  • More smoke penetrates through the 1″ opening in the crosswires which can reduce processing time.
  • Available in two standard sizes, other sizes made to order upon request.
  • Both the regular and fingerloop springs are 3-5/16″ inside of hooks.
  • Screens and springs are electropolished to a bright, smooth finish for easier cleaning.
  • Hanging hook available on any size, please specify.
Item No. Description Weights
2621 12″x14″ Ham Press with 4 Springs 3.45 lbs.
2625 12″x34″ Ham Press with 8 Springs 14.88 lbs.
2630 S.S. Springs, Regular, 3/4″ Diameter 0.10 lb.
2631 S.S. Springs, Fingerloop, 3/4″ Diameter 0.11 lb.